The next evolution in spirit levels giving you superior 

measuring capabilities. Save time, money and feel less
stress when it comes to measuring out of level surfaces.

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Our Story

For 350 years the humble spirit level ensured the constructed
world had all the right angles. And for 40 of those years the inventor of the Levimate was one of millions for whom it played an essential part in every day life. Like them, he took it to work, relied on it and never questioned it.

Then he realized it was only doing half a job. It’s all very well knowing that something isn’t level, but what you really need to know is how far you’re out. Having a mate tell you you’re “a bit” or “a lot” out just isn’t good enough anymore; having a Levimate giving you an actual measurement is.



Like many of the best tools, Levimate is one you don’t even
realize you need until you have it. Whether you’re a contractor, a plumber or a handyman, you’ll find it an invaluable companion.

So what’s our angle? Simple. We want to make it easier for you to do your best work. To make your life easier and thus enable you to do a better job and offer more value to your customers or your personal projects.


Why Levimate?



Unique to Levimate, our extendable levels with in-built top measuring feature and positive top locking system will ensure deviation precision.


Levimate Technology

The Levimate technology measures exactly how far you’re out of level saving you valuable time and energy. With a Global patent, people will be asking what they used to do before Levimate!


Levimate Carry Bag

With our convenient carry bag, you can be sure to always have free hands when going to and from job sites. Our nylon pouch, holds both the L1 and L2 levels and keeps them separated so they don’t scratch or damage.

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      What are the features of the Levimate?

      The Levimate features include:

      1. Made from light aircraft grade aluminum for strength, and durability
      2. Heavy duty aluminum sections which minimise warp, twist, and bend
      3. All moving plastic parts are injected molded using high strength Delrin (POP) for minimal friction, and longevity
      4. Extension feature takes the smaller level from 865mm to 1200mm (34”– 47”)
        and the larger level from 1300mm to 2100mm ( 52” – 83”)
      5. Unique top locking system that is quick action and easy to operate
      6. Built-in top ruler to measure between walls
      7. Patented measurement system to find how out of level you are in mm or inches
      8. Shockproof end caps
      9. UV resistant bubble vials for clarity and long life
      10. Shockproof bubble vials
      11. Level accuracy to .5mm to 1m
      12. Hanging hole for easy storage
      13. Carry bag for set of 2 to carry your small and large level. Will fit across the back seats of most cars

      Levimate Features

      How does the Levimate work?

      Watch our instructional video to see how the Levimate works

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